UiPath: RPA and AI will be commoditized productivity tools within 5 years

“In three to five years, RPA and AI will become a commodity productivity tool, the same way as you use Excel and PowerPoint,” proclaimed Boris Krumrey, chief robotics officer at UiPath, at the AI Summit in London last week.

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For RPA and automation tools to become truly commoditized, they first have to be available for everyone to use — a “robot for every employee". It’s about a change of mindset, where automation becomes a default consideration when doing just about anything.

The rise and rise of robotic process automation

Robots do not require breaks, do not get tired, do not get distracted and work around the clock, thus a robot can significantly increase the amount of processed data, which can be good or bad, depending on the quality of that data Gartner says robotic process automation (RPA) software revenue grew...

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By eliminating transposition or mechanical errors, RPA helps ensure that data input by the robot doesn’t introduce errors and preserves upstream data cleansing. RPA script developers create automation scripts either through a recorder or through a simplified, low-code development interface. The developers will define triggers for these scripts that will invoke the automation through a variety of system or data center events.

3 Characteristics Of Intelligent Finance

Jim Enzo, former CFO and current managing director at Accenture, discusses data, disruption, and talent challenges CFOs face on the transformation journey.

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Data often stands in the way of a CFO making the step towards transformation. Getting the data right is always very difficult for a lot of reasons: acquisitions, the implementation of tools, and as you look across regions, different business units that approach the business differently. That is a big, big challenge.

RPA market growing at ‘frenzied pace’: Gartner

It’s the fastest-growing segment of the global enterprise software market...

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Robotic Process Automation isn’t going to be so “unknown” anymore. This is the time to learn and change your skill set to adapt for technological advancement.

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Capgemini : Changing with the times – what it means for today’s CFO | MarketScreener

Historically, a chief financial officer has been responsible for managing a company's fiscal actions through cash-flow tracking, financial planning, and analysis of the firm's financial...| RPA Tools

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Inverted CFO pyramid

New, enabling technologies and the automation of repetitive, administrative tasks are paving the way for proactive management. Organizations can now devote more effort to innovation and to building new business models that support the CFO's ability to access the business as a whole - every area, at any time, from anywhere, without disruption.

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