Retail Automation Market Disrupted by the Robotic Process Automation

The report is titled: “Retail Automation Market: By Equipment (Vending Machine, Payment Terminal, Point-of-Sale System, Interactive Kiosk, Self-Checkout, Electronics Shelf Labels, Automated Guided Vehicle, Automatic Storage & Retrieval System, Automated Conveyor and Cameras); By Component (Hardware and Software); By Type (In-Store and Warehouse); By End-User (Food/Non-Food Services, General Merchandise, Hospitality, ); By Geography – Forecast (2019-2025).”

Global Retail Automation Market: Demand Analysis

It is estimated that 2.25 million retail jobs are at risk by 2030 as the robots are becoming the future workers in the retail industry to take care of warehouse operations, to handle the heavy lifting, and also in moving of inventory. SSI Schaefers Schaefer Case Picking (SCP) system and Witrons Order Picking Machinery are the most customizable and automated picking solutions involved in warehouse automation. The SCP uses a computer vision system instead of a barcode and RFID to identify the things in a retail shop. Vending machine and a point of sale system are the majorly used equipment in the retail automation.

Global Retail Automation Market: Leading Segments

Inventory, orders, purchasing, and accounting are the key retail operations which are automated using retail automation software.

Software-based automation is the glue which coordinates and holds everything by retailers in their physical stores and competing with the established e-commerce today.

Chatbots, interactive robots, LoweBot an in-store robot are playing a significant role in the retail industry and more useful for store managers to manage efficient inventory tracking. Thus automation act as a way forward for retailers.

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Global Retail Automation Market: Competitive Landscape

Some of the key players which are holding the largest market share in the global retail automation market are noted as SandenVendo, Fuji Electric, N&W Global Vending, Selecta Group, Crane Co., Ingenico, Verifine, PAX Technology, ATOS worldline, and Castles Technology.

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